Saxophilm - Sounds & Sights of the 20's

The Creators

Chad Smith



Based on his passion for the music of Rudy Wiedoeft, Broadway Saxophonist Chad Smith created the concept, selected the music and co-wrote the script for SAX-O-PHILM. Read Chad’s biography.

Why Saxophilm?

Throughout the roaring 20’s, Rudy Wiedoeft’s virtuosic style created a saxophone craze that gripped the nation, and made the sax what is it today. His innovative blend of ragtime, waltzes and concert pieces made him an instant sensation. A household name during his own era, he is now all but forgotten. My passion is to reintroduce the music of this phenomenal artist to entertain and inspire the listeners of today. I created SAX-O-PHILM: Sounds and Sights of the 20’s, to educate, enlighten and excite through Wiedoeft’s glorious style.