Saxophilm - Sounds & Sights of the 20's

SAX-O-PHILM and Chad Smith

What is SAX-O-PHILM?

For the last twenty years I have spent my professional career performing on Broadway, with prominent symphony orchestras such as the Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Metropolitan Opera Orchestras, and recording major motion pictures. In 2006, I created a fully scripted, multimedia, vaudeville concert featuring popular music of the 1920’s, entitled SAX-O-PHILM: Sounds & Sights of the 20’s.

This show features myself on saxophones along with harp, piano, female dancer/vocalist and the legendary Vince Giordano on banjo, vocals and bass. I have performed this specific concert in restored vaudeville theaters, concert series and universities from Bangkok to Connecticut.  Along with world-class performers, the show features silent movies and interesting anecdotes of the period to round out this special event.

In 2019, I envisioned SAX-O-PHILM on a larger scale, with full symphony orchestra arrangements. These orchestral arrangements were premiered with the Broadway Chamber Players in June of 2019 to a sold out audience and was a huge success. I feel this is the starship of SAX-O-PHILM and is even more engaging. SAX-O-PHILM is meant for audiences of all ages, from 9 to 94!

I would be honored to share my passion for this piece of Americana with you, please contact me for more information.

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